LifePaint is a light-reflective spray. Made to keep everyone on the roads safe. LifePaint makes objects visible in low-light conditions such as twilight and darkness. When a direct light source hits it, the sprayed object will glow up in the dark. The reflective spray is easy to apply and perfect for evening walks/cycling, outdoor sports, child safety and much more.

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How to use

1) Always spray outside or in well-ventilated areas. Shake the can vigorously +1 minute (at least 20 sec after you hear the bulb inside). Repeat during application.

2) After shaking, spray immediately from a distance of approximately 1 foot, with even swiping movements. Hold the can upright while spraying. Do not over-apply. Dries in a couple of minutes at normal room temperature.

3) Clean the nozzle after use, by spraying upside down for 1-2 sec.

How to use
Get creative

Get creative with Lifepaint

There are a wide range of uses for LifePaint, both in order to be seen, and for you to see things in the dark. Your imagination is the only limit. Why not make your own customised patterns and designs using stencils.
Go to our Instagram for more examples.
* A quick and easy way to test the result is with the camera on your phone. Switch on the flash and take a photo to see the result.

Light-reflective in the dark
Designed for textiles

  • Washable
  • Water Resistant